Valentine Day List 2019 February special days for lovers | Valentine Week

Valentine Day List:

Valentine Day List: Love is a real feeling that one can show on other. A celebration of love is very important to show how much love each other and it has been happening from many years. February 14 is the day of celebrating love but can you believe seven days before Valentine day is completely dedicated to celebrate and pour love on each other.

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On this special occasion of Valentines Day, we observe the gestures of exchanging flowers, gifts and romantic love letters between the couples. 

Just take a look at following valentine day list and definitely this will definitely surprise you. Each day of seven days before valentines day has its importance and you an opportunity to show and pour love on your valentine. Valentines week is as equally important as Valentines Day.

Rose Day : February 7th, Thursday, 2019
Propose Day :  February 8th, Friday, 2019
Chocolate Day : February 9th, Saturday, 2019
Teddy Day : February 10th, Sunday, 2019
Promise Day : February 11th, Monday, 2019
Hug Day : February 12th, Tuesday, 2019
Kiss Day : February 13th, Wednesday, 2019

And finally on February 14th, Thursday the most awaiting day to celebrate your love is “Valentine Day”

Let’s see in detail what you can do on each days in this Valentine Day list of a week to pour love on your valentine. 

Rose Day: 

The very first day of Valentine Week is a Rose Day falls on 8th Feb which is a day to express how special he/she to you and no matter what, your love on her/him remains as fresh as rose petals. Take him or her to a romantic date for a coffee or to a dinner and surprise her with a bunch of red roses. Your partner will definitely love it. 

Propose Day:

Propose day is a second day of Valentine day list which falls on 9th Feb. This day is meant to express your love to your partner or to someone you have been waiting to say “I LOVE YOU”. if you are planning to confess your love, then this is the day for you. Write a beautiful Love letter and propose him/her with a box of fortune cookies. We wish you all the luck for your proposal.

Chocolate Day:

Chocolate day is celebrated to take a step forward by giving many bars of delicious chocolates to him/her. Chocolates are much sweeter than love. So to celebrate love, exchanging  chocolates is a sign of love and who will say no to a chocolate? So give your valentine a delicious chocolate to show your love on her/him.

Teddy Day:

This day is celebrated on 10th February/ Teddy are most cutest and famous soft stuffed toys that almost every girl like them. Present her a teddy, which will always remind her of you when she hold that teddy. 

Promise Day:

Promise day falls on 11th Feb which is a 5th day of Valentine Day list. If you wish to make a promise to your most loved one, then this day is a perfect time to do that. But promise her the things  which can be done by you. Don’t make her fake promises.  Take him/her to a dessert date, share memories with the promise of being together.

Hug Day: 

Sixth day of valentine week is Hug Day on 12th Feb. Go on!! The name says it all. Go and give your tight and bone crushing hugs to him/her to know how much you love. Shower your hugs in such a way that he/she should remember the hugs till next Hugs Day.

Kiss Day:

Kiss Day is a 7th day of Valentine Day list falls on 13th Feb just a day before Valentine Day. This is a day for you and a golden day to kiss her/him. Don’t forget to kiss on her forehead which signifies so much care and responsibility. Just have few sips of wine, which makes the occasion more special.

Valentine Day:

And the most awaiting day is Valentine Day here. Take her/him to a date and tell how much you love. Don’t forget to tell your partner how much they are important and what he/she mean to you. Make your beloved valentine most special on this valentine day.

Valentine Day List 2019 February special days for lovers | Valentine Week


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